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    Shanghai denais Rubber Technology Co. Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprises, for the German company NILOS belt industrial products company in China area partners. The company introduced German advanced technology and products, is committed to providing Chinese customers with the conveyor product design, maintenance programs and products to meet the various needs of the conveyor users. The main business includes conveyor belt repair, transportation system design, installation and maintenance for adhesive, coal mine, power plant, steel, cement, ceramics and other industries to provide port rubber roller cold plastic bags, cleaning device, belt conveyor buffer bed maintenance repair and other imported related products and services. >>More

    Shanghai Denais Rubber Technology Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    Add:Room I/J-17-B,No.1118,Changshou Road,Shanghai P.C.:200060
    Tel:021-52388617 Fax:021-52388627 Mobile:13816670555
    E-mail:sales@denais.cn Website:www.zhibobaz.com